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Dylan snores.

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When are we going to come to our senses and finally destroy the houses of parliament with all those pricks inside it?

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Had to do my dog walk twice before going home because every time i considered it i almost burst into tears.
Christmas is too much pressure.
So much pressure to like the stuff people have put loads of thought into, and spent their hard earned money on.
I never asked for anything, I’ve said for months that i don’t want to participate.
I feel bad enough when someone get’s me something i like, and i feel i can’t show them how much i appreciate it because of the underlying feeling that i HAVE to like it because it’s something they’ve spent their time thinking about. I never feel like i give the reaction that was expected, and then i feel even worse again because i feel like i’ve upset whoever gave me the present because it seems like i don’t like their gift.
And then when i get things that i never wanted in the first place i feel like a total cunt.
I’m seriously not worth the fucking effort because all christmas does is make me feel fucking awful. I feel like im upsetting everyone around me too by not having the “christmas spirit”.
I don’t want christmas next year.
This year really has been even worse than last year.
It’s going to be worse next year.
I want to go away for christmas next year and i don’t want anything from anyone.

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